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Rules for Mrs. B's Biology Wiki...

  1. Everyone may contribute to the site.
  2. Only constructive input is welcomed on this site. Any content that is inappropriate or incorrect will either be removed or corrected by Mrs. Boykin or students.
  3. Unit pages may not be edited by students.
  4. Class pages, of course, may be edited by students.
  5. Links to other sites, wikis, articles etc. may be included in an edit if it is deemed useful in understanding the topic.
  6. Pictures and videos may be added to the Wiki only if they are appropriate to the topic of the page.
  7. Only Mrs. Boykin's biology students may edit this page.
  8. Anyone who does not follow these rules may lose their Wiki and computer priviledges as well as suffer other more severe consequences as determined by Mrs. Boykin and/or the school.